Mestia International Short & Mountain Film Festival Winners 2021 Revealed:

  1. Special Mention – Long Distance (ISRAEL)
  2. Special Mention – Dispersion (UKRAINE)
  3. Special Mention – Good Lad/Khocha Mareh (GEORGIA)
    Discovery of the festival.
    According to the decision of the founders of the festival, the above-mentioned film will be screened annually at Mestia International Film Festival
  4. Special Mention – Life In Three Voices (USA)
  5. Special Mention – Northern Wind Can Be Warm (RUSSIA)
  6. Special Mention – Golden Minutes (LITHUANIA)
  7. Best Actress – Misha Gomiashvili
    Khaketian Train “ (GEORGIA)
  8. Best Short Film – Lottery (Bangladesh)
  9. Best Feature Solution – Coexist (IRAN)
  10. Best Mountain-themed Film – K2 And The Invisible Footman
  11. Best Feature Film (Grand Prix) – Spring Days (MAROCCO)