Mestia International Short & Mountain Film Festival

Briefly about the founders of the festival

The Mestia International Short and Mountain Film Festival was founded by the Mestia Center of Culture and Arts NNLE and filmmaker/producer Khatuna Khundadze.
Conceived as an event screening mountain-themed feature films, among others, it will be the first festival of this kind to be held in Georgia, a mountainous country stretching alongside the Caucasus Range. Georgia is not spoiled for choice when it comes to short film festivals either. Fortunately, the Mestia International Short and Mountain Film Festival embraces both moviemaking areas.
The festival comprises four sections:
International short films
International feature-length mountain films
Retrospective screening of Georgian short films
Special section.
Georgian films have always been praised for their film scores, the reason why the founders have decided to award a special prize for best film score.
Not many film festivals celebrate production designers with a special prize. But we are proud to announce that the Mestia International Festival is an exception—yes, we do feature the Award for Best Production Design!
Festival Space
The capacity of the Mestia Center of Culture and Arts is 180 seats, and the building’s veranda allows for hosting almost 500 guests.
The breathtaking views from the veranda are poised to inspire you to start making movies about mountains.
At 1,500 meters above sea level, Mestia will host the film festival’s guests for the first time in 2021, including both cinema professionals and movie buffs.

The festival’s content is a cultural cognitive event.

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