Mestia International Short & Mountain Film Festival Winners 2022 Revealed:

  • A Special Mention goes to -ESMERALDA- Mexico
  • A Special Prize goes to
    “The Iron Digger” (Nepal)
    For the masterful Cinematography and the director’s respectful attitude toward the theme.
  • A Special Prize goes to “Preparation” (Georgia)
    For the minimalistic yet very empathic portrayal of a family relationship.
  • The Best Shortfilm Award goes to “Jesus Bird” (Georgia)
    For the humorous, modern interpretation of a classic Georgian cinematic character.
  • The Best Mountain Feature Film Award goes to “Dhaulagiri is my Everest” (Slovakia)
    For the powerful depiction of the spiritual connection between Man and Nature.
  • The Grand Prix goes to “Berg” (The Netherlands)
    For a rare cinematic chance to meditate together with the filmmakers and feel the pure and divine essence of the mountain.