Ilia Pharsadanishvili Ellia graduated from Maski institute (Faculty of Arts), with a degree in cinematography. In 2018 Elia underwent "Color Grading" and "Film Restoration" trainings in Bologna by FIAF FILM RESTORATION SUMMER SCHOOL at the same time he attanded a great deal of masterclasses. In 2019 he was actively engaged in the shooting process of the movie -"Fast & Furious 9" produced by Univesal Picture. In 2013 he participated in Stereoscopic 3D Film Festival (Stereoscopic Displays and Applications, Best Show) held in San Francisco, USA, where he took 6th place in 2013 and 1st place in 2016. Ilia has taken overwhelming amount of masterclasses on the following topics: Film Lighting, Film Cameras (Sony, Panasonic, Cannon, Fujinoni, Red and Ari Alexa) and Lenses Currently, Elia is holding the position of specialist in editing, film restoration and color grading Elia is a member of Georgian Academy of Cinema from 2013

Ilia Pharsadanishvili