khatuna khundadze Khatuna Khundadze is a Georgian film director from Tbilisi. At some point after majoring in pediatrics as part of her higher education, Khatuna had a change of heart and delved into cultural studies in the State Academy of Art in Stuttgart, Germany. Next, after receiving a master’s degree in arts from said schools, Khatuna Khundadze took up cultural management in Ludwigsburg and subsequently went on to work as a cultural manager, freelance artist, and curator in both Germany and Georgia. Khatuna Khundadze also founded a gallery showcasing and fostering amateur artists in Germany. For years, Khatuna has been promoting various branches of Georgian culture throughout Europe, including through reporting for Georgian TV channels. In late 2012, Khatuna Khundadze returned to her home country of Georgia to serve as Deputy Minister of Culture. Since 2013, she was in charge of the Department for Promotion of Georgian Culture. Many international projects and new ideas were initiated and implemented with her support. While working in the public sector, Khatuna Khundadze continued her cinema studies at the Georgia State University of Theater and Film, eventually graduating with honors and claiming her master’s degree in arts. Presently, she is working toward a doctoral degree. Khatuna Khundadze is the first female Director of Georgian Film, a major film studio that first rose to prominence as early as Soviet times. Khatuna Khundadze has directed and produced several short films and documentaries. Currently, she is producing an upcoming feature film by Georgian cult film director Merab Kokochashvili. Khatuna Khundadze lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia.

khatuna khundadze